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Your Worst Enemy on Test Day Is….

  Today we have a special post by guest blogger- Tess Moran (UChicago ’16)! Our religions, backgrounds, and hometowns all may vary, but what’s one thing all students have in common? Exams. And they sure aren’t a walk in the park. Whether it’s the SATs, APs, or just regular midterms and finals, exams are some […]

The Hot Potato Essay—How to Spot It, Fix It, and Cool It Down

During the Q&A at an NJACAC conference a few years back, a counselor asked, “What do you do with a student who has written about a particularly hard topic? Maybe they were abused, their dad died (or golden retriever) suddenly, their grandma is incarcerated, or they are dealing with a mental illness…and, well, it’s just […]