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Does The Drop-Off Get Any Easier?

  Does it get easier? clients and friends will ask, referring to the school drop-off. We have four children: boy (23), girl (20), boy (13), girl (11).W call them the Bigs and the Littles. (But only one husband!) We’ve done the drop-off, the send-off, the lugging of rugs and small fridges and the fret of […]

Challenge: My GPA Sucks. Now What?

Delia, a bright-eyed high school junior, sat in my office. “You saw my transcript?” she asked in a cringing tone. “I’m trying harder. I’m working on that.” I had reviewed her transcript. She clearly had the best of intentions. Her freshman year, though, was killing her confidence, not to mention her GPA. One B, 3 […]